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Offline Annealing and Tin-coating Machine

  • JCJX
  • 84633000

       Offline Annealing and Tin-coating Machine

1.Add one room inside the annealer, can make the temperature impartial distribution.
2.Dual tinning tank design, it can produce two kind of tin-coating copper wire in the same time.
3.Spooler arranged in double layer can save space.


Machine type JCJX-12H JCJX-32H/3.5 JCJX-40H/4.5 JCJX-40H/6 JCJX-40H/7.5

NO. of wire 12 32 40 40 40

Wire Dia.  (mm) Φ0.35Φ1.05 Φ0.038Φ0.08 Φ0.08Φ0.32 Φ0.10Φ0.65 Φ0.1Φ0.7

Pay-off stand  Overhead  Brush Brush or overhead
Max. speed(m/min) 100 300 300
Annealing type / Radiation heating
Tinning type Hot coating                          Hot coating
Pay-off Bobbin Size(mm) Φ300Φ630 Φ250 Φ300
Take-up type Pail spooler spooler drive by torque motor
Traverse type  Coiling type Motor + inverter control
Take-up bobbin size Φ300×Φ150×365 4″5″ 5″8″ 5″10″ 5″10″

total power(KW) 20 50 50 65 75


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