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Tubular Strander

the machine is used to make copper stranded wire,steel-core aluminium stranding wire and steel rope.it also can be used to stranded wire and insulated wire.

  • JCJX
  • 84794000
item U. 400 TYPE 500 TYPE 630 TYPE
Copper wire diameter mm Φ1-2.5 Φ1.3-4.5
Steel wire diameter mm Φ1.5-3 Φ1.3-3.5
Single aluminum wire diameter mm Φ1.5-4 Φ1.8-5
Max standard dia. mm 12 15 15
Pitch range mm 20-181 20-331 36-274
Tube rotate speed mm 700 Large bearing type 600 Large bearing type 500
Traction wheel dia mm Φ800+Φ400 Φ1250
Pay-off bobbin inside of strander mm 400 500 630
Take-up bobbin size mm PN800-1250 PN800-1600 PN1200-2000

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