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Wire Hot Dip Tin Coating Machine

usage:It is used for hot-dip copper wire into tin wire


Wire hot dip tin coating machine 

usage:It is used for hot-dip copper wire into tin wire


Technical parameter:                                                                                       

Wire dia (mm)




Pressure regulator (kw)


Pay-off stand

Brush or overhead

Tinning type

Hot coating

Max speed (m/min)


Pay-off bobbin size (mm)


Take-up bobbin size




Main feature:

1. Tank is double tank design, 20 wires in one tank, double tank can be used individual.

2.Tank material:FC25 casting

3. Electricity capacity: 11kw each, totally 22kw.

4. Electric heating type: Tube type electric, high conductivity.

5.Tank temperature control: 2 pcs Temperature table 0-400℃, control the temperature both side.

6.Temperature of side tinning: 2 pcs K type temperature table.

7.Tinning tank heating and temperature control: Special high temperature quilt cover furnace body.

8.Tinning wire wheel: Heat sintering type alumina wheel

9.Tinning die: Titanium shell, outer diameter 25mmx6-10mm.(Prepare by buyer)

Delivery time: 90 working days

About us:

1.We established in 1990.We are the professional manufacturer have more than 30 years of experience in making all kinds of wire and cable machinery,realize the wire from drawing to extruding.

2.We are the factory not the trade company,Machine's body and other key components and parts are produced by our own factory,quality is reliable.

3.We can control the price the quality and the delivery time.


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