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Remote debugging your machine

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Remote debugging your machine

This two Aluminum Rods Breakdown Machine with individual motor arrived at the user’s factory in the first half of the year,but In the current special situation,Our company’s engineers cannot go abroad for debugging, how can we help customers solve this problem?


Remote debugging is necessary!!!

1597712148958851.jpg  1597712600124383.jpg1597712620233480.jpg 1597712748713697.jpg

Remote installation of Al RBD,Tomorrow run machine with wire.

nowThe remote debugging is successful and the two Aluminum Rods Breakdown Machine with individual motor is running normally

1597713177459313.jpg  1597713234743595.jpg  1597713308851830.jpg

This two Aluminum Rods Breakdown Machine with individual motor can draw 9.5mm aluminum rod to 1.7-5.0mm round wire or shape wire 



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