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Cradle Type Cabling Machine

Cradle Type Cabling Machine Cradle Type Cabling Machine

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   Cradle Type Cabling Machine


The machine is mainly used for cabling 3 to 7 core wires,it manufactures both back-twist round cable and sector shaped cables without back-twist,also this type machine can be used for telephone cable,control cable,main cable,plastic cable and crosslinked cables,non metal wrapping and metal armoring could be done at the same time with stranding.

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Technical parameter:

Main machine

CLY630/1+6     CLY630/1+1+3

CLY800/1+6       CLY800/1+1+3



CLY1250/1+6  CLY1250/1+1+3CLY1600/1+1+3CLY2000/1+1+3
Twisted section(mm2)2-256-5025-18525-24035-30035-400
Cable dia(mm)25357590100120
Cable pitch(mm)100-1500100-1500157-2884157-2884400-5360490-7550
Pay off reel(mm)6308001000125016002000
Main motor speed(r/min)10-4010-4011.2-26.711.2-26.76.9-124.9-9.8
Gear box                                                    6 stage
Main motor power(kw)

Delivery time90 working days

About us:

1.We established in 1990.We are the professional manufacturer have more than 30 years of experience in making all kinds of wire and cable machinery,realize the wire from drawing to extruding.

2.We are the factory not the trade company,Machine's body and other key components and parts are produced by our own factory,quality is reliable.

3.We can control the price the quality and the delivery time.