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Extremely Fine Wire Drawing Machine Extremely Fine Wire Drawing Machine

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  • Brand: JCJX
  • Code: 84633000
  • Product Description
                                             Extremely Fine Wire Drawing Machine

1.Double motors inverters, small slip high quality.
2.Tension auto control system.
3.High tension durably flat belt gain convenient replacement and low nosie in operating.

Machine type JCJX-20D JCJX-20DA JCJX-24VD JCJX-15VD
Inverter control Double inverter control
Main machine structure four cones in vertical two cones in horizontal
Inlet Dia.(mm) Ф0.12Ф0.45 Ф0.03Ф0.08
Outlet Dia.(mm) Ф0.05Ф0.12 Ф0.06Ф0.15 Ф0.04Ф0.12 Ф0.02Ф0.04
Max. Die No. 20 20 24 15
Max. Line speed  (m/min) 1800 2200 1800 1000
Body structure Ironed cast  Welded by steel plate
Drawing capstan Ceramic plasma capstan
Slip ratio of m/c ( % ) 10.5
Main motor power (kw) 4 5.5 4 2.2
Take-up motor (kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2 0.75
Fix speed capstan Dia.(mm) Ф120 Ф150 Ф120 Ф80
Transmission type Belt
Take-up bobbin size  (mm) Ф250 Ф160
Traversing type Synchronous motor +belt Shaft move type
Tension control Weight balance type
Lubrication type Spray
Brake Disc type
Weight(KG) 1600 1720 1600 1200

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