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Pre-sale free training

In order to guarantee the customers are able fully to operate the machine, if the customer need, we can help customer training , includes:
(1) Correct operating mode 
(2) Correct maintenance way 
(3) Remove simple problem

Instruct installing when the machine in customer's workshop

(The buyer provides engineer's roundtrip air tickets, board and lodging, the security as well as each person of daily wage).

After-sale service content and measure

“It’s the after-sales support that makes delivery complete”.
①Free service guarantee period is: 12 months after shipping (except wearing parts)

② Provides long term spare supply, technical support and maintenance service for the machine, but we will charge for travel fee and other basic cost.

We guarantee when we get the information of the customer, our engineers will analyze immediately, then response as soon as possible, if need our engineers come, 24hours will be arrived inland, and one to two week oversea based on getting visa on time.

Contact phone number: 
0086-512-58352100  Mr.Lu