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(Alloy Wire Series) Fine Wire Drawing Machine

drawing alloy wires form big size to small size

  • JCJX
  • 84633000

Al,Al-alloy fine wire drawing machine


It is used for drawing al,al-alloy fine wire

Technical parameter:

Machine type JCJX-B17 JCJX-14D JCJX-24DL JCJX-24D JCJX-24DA JCJX-28D
Inverter control Double inverter control
Body structure four cones in horizontal two cones in horizontal four cones in vertical
Max. Inlet Dia.  (mm) Ф1.6(Ф2.05) Ф1.2
Outlet Dia. (mm) Φ0.30~Φ0.8 Φ0.25~Φ0.50 Φ0.1~Φ0.3 Φ0.1~Φ0.4
Max. Die No. 17 14 24 28
Max. Line speed (m/min) 1500 1200 2000 2000 2500 2500
Body structure  Welded by steel plate  Ironed cast
Drawing capstan Ceramic plasma capstan
Slip ratio of m/c ( % ) 15 15 10 13 13 13
Fix speed capstan Dia.(mm) Φ200 Φ268 Φ160 Φ160 Φ206 Φ206
Transmission type Synchronous belt Belt
Take-up bobbin size (mm) Φ300/Φ400 Φ300
Traversing type Synchronous motor +belt
Tension control Weight balance type
Lubrication type Full immersion Spray
Brake  Magnetic brake
Weight  (KG) 2600 2200 2000 2000 2000 2300

Main feature:

1.Double motors inverters,small slip high quality

2.Tension auto control system

3.High tension durably flat belt gain convenient replacement and low noise in operating

Delivery time90 working days

About us:

1.We established in 1990.We are the professional manufacturer have more than 30 years of experience in making all kinds of wire and cable machinery,realize the wire from drawing to extruding.

2.We are the factory not the trade company,Machine's body and other key components and parts are produced by our own factory,quality is reliable.

3.We can control the price the quality and the delivery time.


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