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Intermediate wire drawing machine for CCA wire

drawing CCA(Copper clad aluminum) wire form big size to small size

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  • 84633000
                   Intermediate wire drawing machine for CCA wire

1.Double inverers auto tension control system.
2.Unify 250 cast-iron main frame, precision machinery, no shock.
3.Capstan treated with wear-resistant tungsten.
4.Suitable for continuous annealer, take up machine with and without shaft, coiIer machine.

Machine type 250/17DLH 260/17D-C 260/17D 260/17DL
Max.Inlet Dia.(mm)  Ф3.5
Outlet Dia.( mm ) Ф0.65~Ф1.5 Ф1.2~Ф2.8 Ф0.5~Ф1.5 Ф0.65~Ф1.60
Max.Die No. 17 17 17 17
Max.line speed(M/Min 1500 1500 1200 1200
Body structure Ironed cast
Slip ratio of machine 15% 18% 18% 15%
Fix speed capstan Dia.(mm) 250 260
Transmission type By gear By chain
Main motor power  (KW) 45 37 30
Take-up motor power (KW) 7.5
Lubrication type  Full immersion Spray type
Take-up bobbin size (mm) Φ500/Φ630 (Bore is Φ127mm) or changed by requirement
The bobbin fixed type Clamping and relax by air

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