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Cable enterprises how to correctly select the wire and cable extruder line

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For wire and cable enterprises, procurement of cable equipment is an essential task. The extruder is a main equipment of the wire and cable equipment. So the enterprise purchase and charge out of the extruder machine, what aspects need to pay attention?

1.according to yield selected
In determining the number of devices, need you estimate the amount of equipment that can be reached in the development of a certain period of time, then determine the number of extruder units based on the required production per month.Therefore, the cable companies should be made to achieve the budget, the need to achieve much of the monthly output. And then according to the output, so that equipment manufacturers to determine the number of devices.
2, according to the function
The production line is composed of pay-off ,extruder, water trough,haul-off and so on. Therefore, in the selection of the composition of the equipment, the relevant enterprises can choose according to the actual situation. For example, some companies need to produce national standard cable, you need to include a printer, measuring instrument, spark testing machine. If you need to complete the production of the completion of the tie bar, you also need to be equipped with a coiling machine and other equipment. But for some small businesses, want to reduce costs, you can save the measuring instrument, spark machine and other equipment. But the cable is less. Therefore, for cable companies, the need to choose their own market positioning.
3, according to the price choice
Because now the production of cable equipment manufacturers, for many of the equipment offer, it is difficult to make a screening. So cable companies can choose according to their own financial strength of the company. For large enterprises, equipment prices will be higher. For some equipment manufacturers are not very high, you can consider the price of small and medium manufacturers.
4, according to the service
For cable equipment, after-sales service is a key point. As cable companies, not only to take into account the price before buying, but also to take into account the late equipment maintenance, services and other projects. Therefore, it is not only for cheap, but to choose a reliable cable equipment companies.