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Common Faults and measures Of wire drawing machine

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Malfunction Reason analysis Elimination
Wire drawing  machine can’t work 1.The power switch is off
2.No reset when machine stop for wire break and length break
3.Emergency button is on
1.Turn on power switch
2.Press WB reset or L reset
3.Turn off the emergency button
Wire break frequently 1.Wrong dies arrangement
2.Too high speed
3.Bad raw material
4.Metamorphic lubrication
1.Arrange die according to machine slip ratio.
3.Change raw material
4.Change or check the lubrication
Tension guide wheel  not stable Tension not stable
2.precision resistance shift
1.adjust the air pressure
2.adjust the precision resistance to the middle position
Traversing not good 1.Traversing width is not right
2.Traversing motor
3.Limit switch didn’t contact
belt slip
4.traversing guide wheel is break
1.Adjust traversing width
2.Check traversing motor
3.Change Limit switch
4.change traversing guide wheel