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Cable sheath production line Cable sheath production line

it's used for the insulation of cable with PVC,LDPE,NYLON,TPU.

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  • Brand: JCJX
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Cable sheath production line 



Main Feature:
Production line:
pay-pff,main machine,main cabinet,fixed trough,traction,take-up
optional parts:caterpillar,sparking machine,diameter-testing laser gauge,LSZH screw,gantry type take-up and pay-off,end-shaft type take-up and pay-off,

precise design of the screw,duable,non-mucus,not take off chrome,change color quickly,with high capacity,high quality,the concentricity of wire is more than 90%,with high precision +-0.3,with touch screen+PLC control,easy operation,more



TypeScrew Parameters
PowerDischarge Dia.(mm)

Haul-off Unit

Ratation Speed
Extrusion Capacity kg/hMain Motor Power

Finished Wire Dia.(mm)Bobbin Dia.(mm)Front caterpilar haul-off back caterpilar haul-off Line Speed (m/min)Consisting Componets
JCJX-70 ExtrusionΦ7025:1100130303-154-30630-1250
8005-200Pay-off/straightening/Extruder/Water trough/Haul-off/Accumulator/Take-up
JCJX-80 ExtrusionΦ8025:195180753-204-40800-1600
12505-180Pay-off/straightening/Extruder/Water trough/Haul-up/Accumulator/Take-up
JCJX-90 ExtrusionΦ9025:190280903-354-45800-1600500125010-150Pay-off/straightening/Extruder/Water trough/Haul-up/Accumulator/Take-up
JCJX-100 ExtrusionΦ10025:1853301104-505-601000-2000800160010-120Pay-off/straightening/Extruder/Water trough/Haul-up/Take-up
JCJX-120 ExtrusionΦ12025:1804201328-708-801250-25001250200010-90Pay-off/straightening/Extruder/Water trough/Haul-up/Take-up
JCJX-150 ExtrusionΦ15025:1707801608-10015-1201600-31502000250010-60Pay-off/straightening/Extruder/Water trough/Haul-up/Take-up
JCJX-200 ExtrusionΦ20025:160100025030-14035-1451600-3150250031502-60Pay-off/straightening/Extruder/Water trough/Haul-up/Take-up

wire and cable production line

Delivery time: 90 working days

Our Certification:


About us:

1.We established in 1990.We are the professional manufacturer have more than 30 years of experience in making all kinds of wire and cable machinery,realize the wire from drawing to extruding.

2.We are the factory not the trade company,Machine's body and other key components and parts are produced by our own factory,quality is reliable.

3.We can control the price the quality and the delivery time.