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Offline Annealing And Tin-coating Machine Offline Annealing And Tin-coating Machine

1. It is used to annealing and tinning copper wire from 0.1mm-0.7mm. 2. Add one room inside the annealer, can make the temperature impartial distribution. 3.Dual tinning tank design, it can produce two kind of tin-coating copper wire in the same time. 4.Spooler arranged in double layer can save space. 5.It is energy-saving(good heat preservation effect) and high efficiency(low maintenance rate).

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  • Brand: JCJX
  • Code: 84633000
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                                          Offline Wire Annealing and Tin-coating Machine


This kind of machine is special for annealing and tinning 40 copper wires, CCA wire, Al-mg wire at the same time.


Technical parameter:

Machine typeJCJX-32H/3.5JCJX-40H/4.5JCJX-40H/6JCJX-40H/7.5
NO. of wire32404040
Wire Dia.  (mm)Φ0.03~Φ0.08Φ0.08~Φ0.32Φ0.10~Φ0.65Φ0.1~Φ0.7
Pay-off stand BrushBrush or overhead
Max. speed(m/min)                              300
Annealing type                    Radiation heating
Tinning type                         Hot coating
Pay-off Bobbin Size(mm)Φ250Φ300
Take-up type             spooler drive by torque motor
Traverse type                   Motor + inverter control
Take-up bobbin size4″~5″5″~8″5″~10″5″~10″
total power(KW)50506575

Main feature:

1.Dual tinning tank design
2.Can produce 2 kinds of tin-coated copper wires
3.Spooler arranged in double layers, saves space  

Delivery time90 working days

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1.We established in 1990.We are the professional manufacturer have more than 30 years of experience in making all kinds of wire and cable machinery,realize the wire from drawing to extruding.

2.We are the factory not the trade company,Machine's body and other key components and parts are produced by our own factory,quality is reliable.

3.We can control the price the quality and the delivery time.